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Tallulah Bankhead

Wow! You sound as eclectic as me.  Collecting is good for the soul.  I don't really collect books but I do have quite  a few old ones.  I like the decorative bindings and front covers.  One of my favorites is a book called "Puck" apparently Puck was  a weekly Democratic Journal in New York in the mid-late 1800's.  Anyway the graphics / political cartoons are great.  One of my favorites is titled "The Opium-Joint of the Republican "Irreconcilables"-- A Cheap Way of Being Happy".   I'll scan it sometime soon and post it.  It also has a caricature drawing of Mark Twain.  Funny thing a lot of the political arguments concerning taxes, immigration, etc. in the articles sound strangely familiar to today's arguments. 


I love decorative covers too! I have a copy of Anne of Green Gables, and the cover is green velvet with gold embossing and a color illustration of Anne on the front. <3

I'd like to see those cartoons, they sound awesome!

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