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Not running screaming yet :-)

They are menacing creatures up close eh? I'm sure I'm not the first to say it, but I think they have such beautiful eyes.


Eh, not so much menacing as just "Hm...they could definitely fuck me up if they wanted to."

I agree about their eyes--I think cow eyes trump puppy eyes, even. :)


[this is good] Awww, cutest calf picture EVER!! And I love cows. This entry was awesome...I love the pictures. My dad told me about one time that my grandfather (whom I never met...he died before I was born) had this HORRIBLY mean Brahma bull that they had to *cry* castrate. He was going to do it himself so he PICKED the bull up himself and laid him on his side! All the way up! My grandfather was a huge man...I need to upload a picture of him...he was tall and about 350 lbs. But the mental image of a man hoisting a Brahma bull is just wild to me. The castration part squicks me out, but eh...there was alot about growing up on the farm that I probably would have gone, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" to. lol

Dancing Bear

My grandmother's neighbor's bull Elmer had gonads the size of footballs. Two footballs.  That'll give you an idea of size! She had banded Holstein.  They are black and white but have a perfect stripe around their bellies. I had a baby named Ziegfried I loved playing with. He was Angus. We used to squirt milk right out of the teit at a row of barn kittens and they would open their mouths and try and catch it.  We had milky kittens every morning.


Holy Christ!!! Was your grandad Paul Bunyan?!! That boggles my mind. But anyway, farm girls are the best ;)


Yep, we've got one heifer whose udders are so big, we can only milk two quarters at a time. She's a crossbreed too.

On the dairy back home (this is way back when, of course) we just had full-blooded Guernseys. They're the ones with the yellow milk, cuz of all the carotene they produce. But the calf that I got to halter-break for Block & Bridle was full Angus, and she was very sweet!

I love the barn kitties <3<3<3<3<3 The only ones I've seen so far are Spit and Billo--the latter of which likes to come sit on the parlor stairs and watch what's going on. <3 :D


[this is good] I want that baby cow to be my pet.  


Precious, innit?!


[this is good] Wow!  I think if I ever saw the #2 or #3 cow up close I would pee my pants!  The #2 cow is especially scary looking!  We have a dairy farm down the road from us but none of those cows look like #2 or #3! lol


Yeah, Angus and Brangus are beef breeds, so I'm not quite sure why we have a beef crossbreed at the dairy. But I guess that's why I'm not in dairy management, eh? 

Ira Harlan

[this is good] Silence has come :)

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