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Are you allowed to keep a dog in your dorm?


Oh--no--Zahara's staying at the house with the family through the summer and fall, when I might bring her back down here to live with me and 3 of my friends in an apartment. Should be interesting!


[this is good] Zola!  Another one????  I'll have to admit that I used to be like you too!  In fact, I used to go to the animal shelter to take home the dogs who were destined to be put to sleep.  Once I even brought home a dog who only had 1 eye (why was 1 eye missing... who knows) but Mom and Dad made me give it right back which was sad because nobody else wanted her and I knew what was going to happen.  I cried and cried...   BUT anyhoo.....  I'm sure this is a very sweet dog even if she does look a little funny!  LOL


[this is good] She's adorable!  good luck.


Well this weekend is sort of a trial run, but I'm sure she'll wiggle her way into everyone else's hearts to where we simply can't stand to give her back to Rene ;) But in case things don't work out, there's a whole group on Facebook of people willing to give her a good home. So no worries :)

 And depending on what the apartment complex's pet fee is, I might bring her back up to school with me next fall so me and my roomates can have a baby to dote on ;)


Thank you!

Dancing Bear

She is soooooocute! Gully was on the "dead dog walking" list and I got him about 5 minutes before he got it.  I have had him for 17 years and I would not change a minute. I am still trying to figure out how I made it home that day with just one buddy. Kevin brought Tater home in a baseball cap.  She rolled out onto the table and started squeeling like a baby pig.  She does that still.  She makes people think they stepped on her paw when they haven't even come close.  It's her "sympathy cry".


I know, I wish she could've come home with me but she's going somewhere where she'll probably be happier, so I'm not all that sad about it. :)

LOL! I'm laughing at the image of Tater squealing like a little piggy and rolling around on the table...so precious!

Tallulah Bankhead

[this is good] Adorable.

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