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[this is good] I can't believe these pictures!  Sooooooo Beautiful and I love the azalia bushes!  I miss mine (I killed them about 2 years ago) that I planted in front of my house!  I wish I lived in the south sometimes, you just can't beat the beauty!


Amen to that! Our yard's not really suited for azaleas, but once I have my own place I'm gonna have a garden that can't be beat. Lots of blue to attract butterflies, and pinks/reds for hummingbirds!!


[this is good] I didn't even know that those different colors attract butterflies and hummingbirds!  I know so little about plants except, apparently, how to kill them:) 


Lol! Well, I knew that hummingbirds like red jewel-tones, but I just recently heard that butterflies like the blues. What a dichotomy, yeah? ;P

Dancing Bear

[this is good]

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love your new quote up top! That's the spirit.


Just here for a day. A little lamb lost. I love old celeteries.


Thanks re: my banner quote! It's from the song "Southern Hallelujah" by Trace Adkins.

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