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Dave Birdsall

Hello Zola

Your too right Zola. Rape is rape is rape.  No excuses, none.  This has been one of the most important issues that I have tried to address with womens safety and wellbeing for many years.  Nearly all my aduldt life I have taught self protection/awareness courses especialy womens courses and it is so hard to hear these horrible things still happening.

It is difficult to be caring and in doing so you can become vulnerable, too keep fit yet be 'stalked'  to be friendly and then to be taken advantage of.  If there is anything that I can say to offer help is this, awareness of crime does not stop it from happening but increased awareness can certainly reduce the possiblity of it happening.  The only (in a practicle sense) strategy that we have avaialable all the time is increased awareness.  We can all learn the physical aspects of self defence but first and foremost is awareness.  You have allready said this so I am seconding your stance.

X dave. 


OMG!  I can't believe you're already having to deal with this!  You're so right, no matter how much common sense WASN'T used, nobody should even have to THINK about rape.  It's just so sad that we do.  I can say that I've been very lucky in my life because I've done some really stupid things myself.  I guess God  was smiling on me because at least I never had to deal with the trauma of rape. 

Be careful Zola.


Yes, I know there must be someone up there who likes me because I've been fortunate enough not to ever have to confront this issue first-hand.

But to anyone who reads this, do know that I will be careful--for my family and friends' (including all of you on Vox) sake.


Yes, please. Do be careful and smart sweetness. Too many young women get hurt.

Dancing Bear

It is happening all over the place.  We have escorts also and we have "blue poles" all over campus and if you even think something is suspicious you hit the button and the whole area lights up and cameras come on etc...  Kids don't do pranks because they will be filmed.  The Cops arrive in a very short time. Can't we just get an education without some horny boy jumping out and taking what he wants. Jeez.


I swear to God. But you know what's even less cooler than rape? Read my latest post to know.


It sounds like there is a serious problem on your campus.  I hope the police are taking it seriously.

It's frustrating when women do stupid things that leave themselves vulnerable, but as you say no one deserves to be raped.  Everyone needs to be a little more aware of the dangers and that it can happen to anyone.


Yes, they've stepped up patrol car and foot patrol at night...I'm not on campus past 6 PM, so I can't testify first-hand, but I've got no doubt they're coming through on that promise.

As you alluded, there's just no substitute for personal responsibility.

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