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Tallulah Bankhead

I never got the "talk" either.  I learned all the icky details in a 7th grade health class.  Mr. Crowder was the teacher and he was famous for his New Hampshire accent.  We always made fun of how he said "pencil" so you can imagine the snickering that went on when he said "pen&s"  LOL.


Lol how do New Hampshirites say "pencil"? I don't think I've ever heard it other than "PEN-suhl".

But yeah, they never taught us how to put on condoms (not that it's hard, but still--some people ain't too bright). I think the only pro-active thing we learned aside from abstinence was how to do a breast exam on ourselves. So lame, and they wonder why MS is one of the top states for teen pregnancies. Dipshits.

Tallulah Bankhead

I'll try to spell it like he said it "PEEE-IN-CELL"  I'll call you this weekend (Saturday or Sunday really I'm going to) and I'll ask to borrow a Pee-in-cell.

He taught us things like the "rhythm method" LOL

Tallulah Bankhead

they never taught us how to put on condoms (not that it's hard...

It's easier to put on if it is. 


Lol, oh my God, I might have had to choke him if I kept hearing his little Northern voice wheedling out the word "pencil" like that.

And dare I ask wtf the 'rhythm method' is?!



(because it was hard, duh.)

Tallulah Bankhead

Now for our next lesson "The Rhythm Method"

First you have to know how to count.
Rhythm Method on Wiki


Oh--I thought it was some sort of rhythm in thrusting or something. Was confused. But yeah, I know about the infertile days and everything.

Duh, Kevin. :P

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