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I sat down on a stump in the middle of the woods to rest a bit, surveyed the surroundings and then looked down only to find a WHOLE FUCKING TROUPE of ticks scrambling towards my warm lifeblood.
That made me shudder.

I too abhor ticks.  I got one once - on a field trip (literally out in the field) in college.  I could actually feel the sucker burrowing into me while we were in the van on the way back but I didn't do/say anything to anyone because I didn't want "help" from my classmates (I knew they'd screw up the removal and I'd wind up with tick parts embedded in me) - but I was panicking internally.  Man oh man - I don't want to have to go through that again.

They're fucking horrific!! And what purpose do they serve in Nature?! Bees and wasps pollinate, centipedes eat dead things or something...spiders help keep insect population to a minimum...but ticks? They latch onto the living, leech until they bloat, then drop off and lather rinse repeat, sharing contagion all the way. Why?!!


Birds can eat them, I think.  Anything that can eat can be eaten.  ::Cue circle of life music from the Lion King::

Anyway, thanks for tagging me.  I'm sure I'll find a suitable way of paying you back.


::Cue circle of life music from the Lion King::
Lol, thanks Mufasa.

Well hell, if the birds are really that hard up I'll leave out an extra helping of bird food. Shit, I hate ticks.

I'm sure I'll find a suitable way of paying you back.
I feel a very deep, dark sense of foreboding...


omg, I can't stand tics...so much so that I couldn't read the entire paragraph you wrote, as I found myself starting to get the willies.  I also can't handle leeches...I think it's the whole attaching-to-your-body-and-sucking-the-life-out-of-you thing... *shudders*


God yes! Bllllleeeeeecccchhhhhhhhha2wf8mn2938rj2938nsowfuW@$@@#%@#%!!!!!!



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