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Wouldn't you take out the TIRES first?  to slow down a getaway?  Maybe a couple shots to the trunk of the vehicle, just to scare them into submission.  No?  is that wishful thinking that MOST PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF GUNS?

I hate people.


[this is good] I don't agree with guns, I don't agree with bark collars for dogs either. But since you mention him, I wish someone would put a bark collar on Al Sharpton. That man does a disservice to humanity by pitting races against each other instead of doing something to bring them together. Not everything is as simple as he would like to believe. It's probably a good thing he doesn't own a gun.


I agree wholeheartedly.  What a travesty - no wonder people have no faith in "the system."  


I totally feel you.


Al Sharpton's a bigger racist than most people here in Mississippi. Apparently he's under the delusion that racism is only racism if it's whites against blacks...fuck that shit. And everyone who buys into his cartloads of bullshit....there just ain't no helpin' them.

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